Sam Fuller Software Engineer

Minions Paradise

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Developer Electronic Arts Salt Lake
Time on Project August 2014 - July 2015
Technologies Used Unity Engine, C#
Other Tools C/C++, Lua, Python

Minions Paradise is a free to play mobile game in the vein of Hay Day. Players find themselves helping a minion named Phil by completing tasks that will help him attract more minion characters to his island.

Minions Paradise was planned to be launched alongside the 2015 film ‘Minions’, but the date was pushed out to focus on design and retention mechanics.

I worked on the content download system, a Lua to C# binding, and general gameplay features. Yes, you read that correctly, Minions Paradise’s uses the Lua scripting language, which is pretty unorthodox for a game developed in Unity. It is used to drive the tutorial and various scripted sequences. It’s usage is a holdover from early in development when the requirements for scripted sequences was not clear, and we prepared for the worst.